«Albino twins with amazing hair»: today their unique beauty has become more unique

When parents posted photos on social media, they won the attention of users.

Jorge Gomez was very glad to hear that his wife was pregnant. They had a son, and now it seemed that the family would be doubly happy.

Ms. Gomez often attended a doctor and soon received the news, of what was waiting for twins. That is, family happiness was tripled!

Pregnancy passed according to plan and soon Virginia and Catalina were born in the province of Tucumán (Argentina).

However, the doctors were extremely surprised to see them. The fact is that the girls were albinos.

When happy parents posted their photos on social networks, they immediately won the attention of users. Girls were born in 2018 at 36 weeks of pregnancy. Despite the prematurity, both had normal weight. The mother’s well-being after childbirth was excellent.

The probability of the birth of an albino child is 1:17 000. And if we talk about the twin albinos, then the chance of their appearance is very small.

In their homeland, Catalina and Virginia became famous for being the first twins with such an appearance born in this country.

Girls like «snow princesses». They have white skin and white hair, and they are charming.

Although the two «princesses» suddenly became famous in their homeland, the media also paid attention to them. But the parents of the girls quickly adapted to this.

«When they told me that my wife was pregnant with twins, I was very happy, and my wife was too. And when we see our children, this happiness does not disappear., said Jorge.

«This is a blessing for us», he added.

When Catalina and Virginia grow, they will be very different from other children. But the couple wants to show them the world: all children deserve unconditional love, without any condemnation or prejudice.

The kids have already grown up, and they are becoming more charming

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