«Could not remain natural»: Jennifer Lopez once again corrects her appearance

53-year-old Jennifer Lopez looked simply unrealistically amazing.

Jennifer Lopez proves the last outfit that the business dress code may not be boring, but admirable.

On January 26, a celebrity published a series of pictures in which she poses for the commercial of her upcoming film «Wedding from a shotgun».

The actress put on a completely black suit consisting of flared-up trousers with a high waist and a sexy blazer with short sleeves. The too deep neckline in neckline opened a view of the seductive chest of Jennifer, who also did not burden herself with a bra.

Never salaries on accessories, the Hollywood star complemented her black image with a couple of gold bracelets and rings, simple earrings-rings, and a set of necklaces of different lengths to add even more brilliance to the image.

The singer complemented the ensemble with black stilettos and shoes on the platform. The artist laid her long caramel hair in volumetric waves with a parting in the middle.

«Sign the last photo», the actress mysteriously wrote under the pictures.

53-year-old Jennifer Lopez looked just unrealistically amazingly noble subscribers even suspected her of using Photoshop: «When the waist and face say «Adobe Photoshop», «You are a beauty!».

«Just beauty», «This woman oh God», «You are the most beautiful in the world», «I want to look like that at her age !!! OMG », «Living Doll».

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