«Their communication is just some kind of misunderstanding»: star relatives who cannot stand each other

For the heroes of this list, everything turned out differently.

It would seem that relatives should always be near and help each other in everything. But the heroes on our list turned out differently …

Nick Carter forbade his brother Aaron to approach him.

Former Backstreet Boys participant is in a long-standing quarrel with his younger brother, also a well-known pop artist.

The peak of the next conflict came in September 2019, when Nick wrote on social networks: «The sister of Angel and I am very sorry that we had to apply a judicial ban against the brother of Aaron. His behavior has become unpredictable. We have no choice; we must do everything to protect our family».

In response, Aaron said that he had not seen his brother for four years. Then he lost the video clip from the joint show «House of Carters» of 2006, accompanied by the text in capital letters: «Leave me alone until the end of my days, nickname».

Jolie-Dech of a rather famous actor John Voit. But they have not talked for years.

He admitted that he cheated on her mother, and they broke up when the girl was two years old. Jolie believes that the divorce was terrible, and now between them «a lot of miles of physical and emotional distance».

When the actress decided to adopt her first-born, her father declassified the plan in advance, which led her to rage:

«I have no reason to be close to my father, especially now, when I am responsible for my child».

Recently, Voight has been trying to build a relationship: «She is very gifted … She is strong, she does a lot of good deeds, she is beautiful». Jolie does not respond to these statements.

Kim Kardashian quarrels with Courtney. Kim’s relationship with his older sister was not improved.

Those who follow the Kardashian family probably remember the quarrel in 2018, when Kim said that it was unpleasant to look at Courtney. In response, she called the sister evil. And this is only the tip of the iceberg!

The sisters’ relations were bad, so Kim tried to remove Courtney from the series in 2019.

«We have a proposal for you, which begins with F and ends on D (which means dismissal)», Kim told her sister during filming. She replied that it was stupid and that she did not always want to act with Kim.

Julia Roberts «needs rest» from her brother Eric.

Since childhood, they were very close, but in recent years they moved away from each other.

«I adore the sisters», Eric says, «they tell me the roads, we talked well, protecting each other. But the most difficult thing is to protect yourself … from yourself».

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