«Anyway, she is not so much beautiful as Shakira»: Pique showed his beloved, with whom he cheated on Shakira

He decided to switch to retaliatory measures in a fight with the singer.

Although the star alliance of a football player and singer broke up in front of everyone in the middle of last year, a loud showdown between them seems to be only gaining momentum.

Recently, Shakira not only originally «criticized» the ex-lover in the new song, but also came up with an exquisite way to annoy the former mother-in-law.

Piquet also does not plan to give up and, apparently, decided to switch to response measures in a fight with a singer.

The football player first time published a photo with a young lover Toy himself on a personal blog, with whom he cheated on Shakira before parting.

Clara Chia Marty, working in the production company of the athlete himself, 23-year-old separation.

More than once he was noticed here and there with a new lover, but he officially did not confirm his relationship with her. Finally, the moment came, and Gerard shared the first photo with Marty on the network.

The lovers look, of course, very nice, but not everyone hastened to indulge in delight about the joint picture of the couple.

Under the photo, many followers began to criticize the peak for the variability of his character, and at the same time make fun of his new lover.

But now Shakira will be where to walk around! We are sure that the singer’s reaction to the daring attack of the former will not be long in coming.

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