«12 days of marriage gave her a lot of money»: Pamela Anderson will receive $ 10 million from her ex-husband

Several days of marriage were enough to decide to bequeath an impressive amount.

The attraction of unprecedented generosity: 77-year-old producer John Peters plans to leave ten million dollars to the chief rescuer Malibu.

And this despite the fact that their marriage did not last two weeks! But first things first.

Peters and Anderson had a short novel in 1989 when young Pamela had just moved from her native Canada to California and became a star.

Even then, a man was distinguished by the breadth of the soul. He gave his beloved girl jewelry, luxurious clothes, and convertibles.

More precisely, the convertible was only one-modes 420SL. But for a fleeting novel, it is very good.

After 30 years, in 2019, the relations between the actress and producer unexpectedly resumed. And on January 20, 2020, they secretly married.

After 12 days, the couple also broke up. In addition, it turned out that they were not officially married.

However, several days of marriage were enough for John to decide to bequeath his beloved an impressive amount.

«I will always love Pamela, and she will always be in my heart. I left her 10 million by will. She does not know about it, but she needs money for her or not», said Peters Variety.

Well, you can only enjoy the actress. After numerous failures in her personal life, she accurately earned such compensation.

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