«Beautiful star will not be able to have children»: Selena Gomez spoke about the consequences of health problems

Selena told reporters that she was often visited by thoughts of ending her life.

Selena Gomez gave an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. The publishing house was very lucky: it was able to bring the singer to a frank conversation.

The girl first shared some details of her life with bipolar disorder. Selena told reporters that during periods of exacerbation, she was often visited by thoughts about committing suicide. And she had to lie in medical institutions four times.

According to Gomez, in the dark times, she reasoned like this: “The world would be better if I were not in it.”

The artist told how she was experiencing a way out of the manic phase: there were days when she really wanted to buy a car for all her relatives and friends, after which she fell into depression and could no longer get out of her.

Selena has seen many difficulties in her lifetime: bipolar disorder, lupus, and in 2017 she was made a kidney transplant.

Against the background of her ailments, the girl takes a lot of medicine. And two of them (just psychotropic drugs), according to the performer, can prevent her from becoming pregnant and bearing children on their own.

Nevertheless, Selena said that she really wants children and they will definitely have them.

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