Finally, the African elephant stuck in the mud was noticed and soon saved in Kenya

They saved an elephant that began to sink into the ground.

Elephants can sometimes be defenseless in the face of the problems that nature poses before them.

Kiran Avery, a veterinarian from Kenya, told how recently he, along with other nature defenders, had to save the African elephant, which was stuck in the mud and began to sink underground.

The animal was noticed by the inhabitants of the Isiolo district in the center of the country. People immediately turned to environmental organizations.

Rescuers had a similar experience: from time to time, giant animals fall into such situations, and the previous case occurred here in February.

Experts prepared a tractor and grabbed the necessary set of tools. The elephant was wrapped in strong belts.

Dr. Avery explains that the belts must be placed in a special way so that the frightened animal does not damage the equipment or people. The rescue operation lasted an hour and a half.

According to experts, the elephant spent at least a day in «closing»: it was already slightly exhausted. But as soon as she freed herself, she ran to look for her comrades.

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