Unique red wolves are endangered, but they gave birth to twelve babies at the North Carolina Zoo

What happened at the zoo made me believe that this species has hope.

The wolffish has been on the endangered species list since 1996. The number of species in the wild is less than 30. Therefore, they are now kept in captivity for the reproduction of new generations.

What happened at the North Carolina Zoo led us to believe that there is hope for this species.

In May, the zoo announced the birth of 3 litters of wolf cubs.  In just one month, 12 babies were born, which was a big celebration for the zoo and wildlife lovers.

The zoo reports that all the cubs are healthy.  These are active and energetic babies.

For more than 20 years, the zoo has been conserving endangered species.  All babies are important to the zoo as they are moved to other locations as they mature to continue producing new populations.

The breeding program has helped to increase the number of red wolves to 36. All cubs are under the control of specialists who are making efforts for their safety.

Now you can even take one of the red wolves to support the zoo.

What great news!  It’s always good to hear that some endangered species are overcoming the danger of extinction.

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