«Travel around the world without money»: a woman has traveled the entire globe without spending money

She has visited so many historical and picturesque places.

Meet this woman named Marilyn Hartman who loves to travel the world.

This enterprising elderly woman traveled for almost 20 years and managed to see half of the entire globe.

She visited many historical and picturesque places.

Marilyn has been to London, Barcelona, ​​Brazil, etc.

However, the strange and interesting part of this story is that she never spent any money on her travels.

However, after the case, the court forbade her to continue her plans.

The trick is very simple but very tricky.

While at O’Hare airfield, she suddenly opened up, and her method became clear to the personnel.

Previously, she pretended that she was only controlling a noticeable person.

So, during the procedure, everyone thought that she was already in the company, she mentioned.

However, the enterprising woman has already been exposed, and her future fate is in the hands of the authorities.

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