«Incredible life in a desert city»: instead of a house, she got a city and settled there alone

According to her, she cannot live a monotonous life.

Meet Eileen, a brave and independent woman who is always looking for new adventures.

According to her, she cannot live a monotonous life.

In 2017, she managed to get an entire abandoned area on her savings.

At first, she thought that she could hardly afford a tiny apartment.

However, she could buy a whole city instead of a house, but the fact is that the city was uninhabited.

There was not a single hint of liveliness: as if time had stopped there.

In fact, the area does not look like a city.

However, a woman loves old and abandoned things, and also loves loneliness.

In addition, a wonderful view of the La Salle mountains opens from there.

She recently revealed that she accidentally saw the city while driving and immediately felt such a passion for the place.

At first, because the houses were in poor condition: it was simply impossible to live in them.

Although it took her a long time to clean and redo the houses, she managed to flourish in her wonderful city.

Moreover, even tourists began to visit her magical corner, and due to this, she «earned money from home».

However, for people like her, it can be the perfect paradise to enjoy life.

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