«Gloves are warm and comfortable for them»: the girl created gloves for premature children in intensive care

The handmade gloves had a good impact on these babies.

Once this girl, Brynn Hamok, found out that newborns in the intensive care unit spent daily with mom and dad for only 2 hours.

After the day, she decided to sew blankets for them, in which they would be warm and comfortable.

The grandmother of the girl, who worked as a nurse in the center, told her that special gloves were put on the bodies of premature children.

Handmade gloves made a good impression on them: they felt as if their mothers hold them in their arms.

The girl living in the Atlanta area decided to independently make such blankets for newborns in the intensive care unit.

She admitted that she had been hatched for a long time, but did not know how to prepare them.

Soon, her kind-hearted grandmother named Dina Simmons, despite the fact that she was a good nurse, also became an excellent leader.

She helped Brynn fulfill her desire, firstly, having organized the collection of funds to buy the necessary sewing accessories.

So, they were able to sew the first samples of gloves and called them «tiny hugs».

Now they could warm and reassure newborns in intensive care units.

She received a lot of letters of thanks and warm wishes when she received a blanket for hugs.

The heroine also intends to start a career in medicine in the future, inspired by such an act.

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