«Building in the shape of a shoe as a fairy tale»: friends walked through the forest when they suddenly found it

It is an old building that has a shape of a massive boot at an edge of a cliff.

Once a group of English researchers found an unusual place to travel in an abandoned forest in the UK.

This is an old building that has the shape of a massive boot on the edge of the cliff.

However, the expert did not even think of opening it to the public, as he feared that people would destroy him.

Moreover, there is an old story by an unknown author entitled «Little and the old woman who lived in a shoe».

According to some reports, the fairy tale was written in 1794.

It was about a mother from a large family living in a shelter in the form of a shoe with her children.

Then the story was published a second time.

This time he appeared with the new version of Christian Mother Goose.

According to literary critics, the first version mentioned that the mother of the children whipped her naughty children before bedtime.

In 1901, the old mother «kissed them with joy» and only in the second edition was sent to bed.

This is natural, because time is changing, and the methods of education too.

However, when the group found an amazing building, it was in poor condition.

As you can see, only its facade is well preserved, and the entrance to visitors is unsafe.

So, a group of researchers shared photos of an incredible boot on the Internet.

They asked people to join them in restoring the historical property.

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