After years of absence, Tasmanian devils are reappearing in the wild on mainland Australia

These endangered species now live on the island of Tasmania.

Tasmanian devils once lived on the Australian continent.  It was in very ancient times, 3000 years ago.

Unfortunately, they have completely disappeared due to the increase in the number of their predators.

These endangered species now live on the island of Tasmania, which is why they are called Tasmanian devils.

However, in 2020, the Australian Ark, a conservation group, planned to return these animals to their natural habitat.  Together with his wife, the famous Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth joined the project.

These people have so much at stake.  They invested a lot of money, time and effort.  They hope to be rewarded with a growing population of these animals.

The project is over.  And the security team did their best.  The time has come for these species to breed and give generations in their original habitat.

In fact, Tasmanian devils breed well, to begin with.  They were released into the wild in 2020.  At the moment, there are seven newborns in the forests of Australia.  This is a big success.

All babies are healthy.  The rangers are constantly watching them.

By the end of this year, the number of these animals may reach 20, and over the next two years, the program implementers hope to have 40 newborn Tasmanian devils.

These unique creatures are about the size of a small dog.  Although they look cute, Tasmanian devils have one of the strongest bites.

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