«She has a really strong bone»: 83-year-old grandmother became the oldest participant in Tough Mudder

The elderly lady struggled to be in perfect shape to reach the finals.

Get to know this elderly woman, known as Maddy Mildred Wilson, who recently compiled her 3rd Tough Mudder race.

She was officially declared the oldest person who participated in the race of 5 km and finished it.

The hardworking woman first took part in the race in 2019 after her son Danny, who completed the famous competition in Las Vegas.

Therefore, she asked her doctor to prepare physically, training her body and soul in the local Ymca.

The strong-willed elderly lady tried her best to be in perfect shape to reach the final.

Soon, when an important event came, the grandmother made every effort to be completely ready for him.

Her husband Frell, who was her largest fan and supporter with her friends and came to cheer up for her.

Later, as Mildred told in an interview, her husband was her largest supporter, because no matter what she wanted to do, he always approved them.

However, her lover Farell died in 2020, and she decided to join the 2021 competition in his honor.

Participation in the race became so sincere for the members of her family and friends that soon they all joined her.

The woman and her son Danny invited her niece Maggie and her pair to have fun during the race.

So this has become a good family tradition for this positive and sweet family.

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