«Cause of notes will melt the heart»: this cute grandmother carefully made notes during the film

In this story, a caring grandmother makes notes while watching a film.

It is usually believed that grandfathers and grandmothers have a stereotypical idea of how they showered their grandchildren with pure love.

Sometimes they are also called professional spoilers for children.

However, the younger ones value their devotion and sincere love for them.

So, this story has become viral only for the same reason.

In the video, a caring grandmother makes notes while watching a film.

Once Jackson King published a viral article about her sweet grandmother through Tiktok.

Here, Cheryl Skiados, his sweet grandmother was sitting on the couch with a notebook in her hands.

It turned out that she watched Marvel films while making notes to fix all the important details and names of the heroes.

The caring grandmother expressed her love and devotion in such a way as to communicate with her grandchildren.

Since there are currently 22 films in MCU, with the exception of the existing 10 or 11, she had to remember all the names to discuss them with her loved ones.

So, he captured the whole process, during which the grandmother patiently made notes to show the true love that she expressed to her grandchildren.

Cheryl has 13 grandchildren of different ages: from 6 to 22, and imagine, she treats everyone individually.

Such pure love, it’s just amazing!

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