A cute polar bear cub is enjoying his first trip on his mother’s back

Babies love to play tricks with their patient moms.

Children are happiest when they are with their mothers.  There is a reason for this: a mother’s love is unconditional.  Therefore, children love to follow them, snuggling up to them.

In the animal world, the rules are the same.  Toddlers love to do playful tricks with their patient and loving mothers.

This time, the adorable little bear enjoys hanging on his mother’s back on a snowy day.  It is known that these cubs leave the den for the first time after a couple of months of being in it.

So this little bear is excited about discovering a new world.  He runs around his mom, holding her close, and then when he’s exhausted, he tries to climb on his mom’s back to rest.

But since the baby is small, he cannot overcome the height, so he remains hanging on her ass.

In turn, the mother bear is also passionate.  She left the baby hanging on her ass and continued on her way as if she didn’t know what had happened.

It took Daisy Gilardini 117 chilly hours to capture these adorable shots.  She admits that it was the most difficult challenge in her photography career.  Thank you Daisy for our day!

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