Incredible bond between rhinoceros and cat surprises everyone after being caught on video

This is how one cat loves to cuddle with his huge friend.

Animals are so different.  They have different requirements and preferences.  However, sometimes members of different species can make good friends with each other.

Like one cat from a safari park in the Czech Republic, he loves to cuddle with his huge friend-a rhinoceros named Emilka.

A black cat named Mia was a kitten with her two siblings when the park decided to get cats to keep mice and rabbits away from wild animals.  At a very young age, Mia had a nasty experience with one of the rhinos that bit her on the tail.

The park staff thought that Mia would always be obsessed with rhinos, trying to stay away from them.

But it turned out that Mia is a very brave girl.  She doesn’t care that Emilka is a giant.  She always visits the rhinoceros and plays with him.

The adorable hugging moments were captured by Ami Vitale.  When she shared her snaps online, they instantly went viral.

We think such a unique connection should inspire us to become friendlier to both humans and animals!

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