«An hour later, the child was sleeping»: she entrusts daughter to father for the night, and she slept in an hour

Once, when she was visiting her father, something unexpected happened.

When she was born, Shainn Ray Owansby was a very happy and healthy little girl.

There were only her mother and she.

But once, when she was visiting her father, something shocking happened.

Parents of Shainn are separated, and every weekend Father Shainn takes care of the child.

But this time everything goes wrong: not even an hour has passed, like Amy, Mother Shainn, gets an urgent call.

Furious in his constant voice, Father Shaienna found nothing better than taking an eight-month-old child and shake him until he calms down.

In despair, the mother finds out that her daughter was taken by helicopter to the nearest hospital.

But then a miracle happened: although half of the brain was removed, the little girl nevertheless woke up.

She can speak and move, but half of her body does not move.

However, she did not lose the joy of life and never gives up, despite her ailment.

Today, Shaienna is three years old, and she enjoys life in full.

When you see her smile, it’s hard to imagine what this poor girl had to go through.

Mom Shainen regularly publishes messages on Facebook, informing her friends and family about Shainn’s successes.

But the most important thing is that she overcame this accident thanks to her friends, her family and prayers.

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