«Super idea of this coach»: he gained 35 kg of fat to understand the anxieties of his customers

A good specialist does everything right as it should.

Both excellent and in demand-as it will be better for his client.

The difference is colossal. And the fitness coach Drew Manning felt it on himself.

Manning proceeded from personal negative experience – it was not his clients who could not cope with their fears and problems, they were not trained.

And then I thought that many athletes and even coaches simply do not understand, do not have the experience of what it was to be in the skin of their customers.

If only because they never had excess weight.

It’s not about fat as such.

If you look after yourself from a young age, you train, eat right, etc., then your body and thoughts are fundamentally different from those who have never crossed the threshold of the gym.

That for an experienced «skiing person» is another task, for an unprepared person is almost a feat.

In addition, there is a factor in age and accumulated sores.

What is easy to win at 20 years becomes a real problem of 40.

Especially if the experience is zero, and there is barely enough time and resources.

And Manning just turned 40, and he decided to test two things on himself.

What is it to be fat and sick, and how difficult it is to train and achieve success in this state.

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