«We are only perfect for fans»: here are some famous stars who do not really like their appearance

Hollywood stars talked about their shortcomings.🧐

Sometimes celebrities also talk about their shortcomings. It seems to us that they are perfect but in fact, they don’t think so. We don’t know if these are complexes or shortcomings, but they exist.

The first heroine is Kim Kardashian.

Many people think that she has a perfect figure. She has a lot of fans but she is unhappy with her hips.

Angelina Jolie

Many girls dream of being like her, they probably have to do many lip augmentation surgeries in order to at least look like an actress, but Angelina thinks that her lips are too full.

Paris Hilton

She is very upset by the size of her leg 42.

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

She says that she hates her hands. When she has to get out of the car always raises her hands and sits for a few minutes so that her veins do not swell.

Julia Roberts

For everyone, Julia Roberts is just a beauty. She thinks that she is very skinny.

Megan Fox

Megan is one of the most beautiful women, but she does not consider herself an ideal. She says that for herself she is not a sexy woman.


Singer says that her video clips characterize her as an artist but not a beautiful woman. According to her, she is very shy of her body.

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