«Grab a popcorn for a rat fight»: This cat’s reaction to a rat fight is hilarious

This cat had the most hilarious reaction when first seeing a rat fight.🤗🤗

One lady in Singapore witnessed a hilarious occasion. When coming home she spotted a cat following closely a rat fight. She immediately took her phone out and filmed it and shared it on Facebook.

Cheez Goh shared the video and said that she saw the funny scene when going back home. She wrote that the cat didn’t interrupt and was following the fight closely.

Speaking with Bored Panda, she said that she saw them when driving home, and when she started filming, they went away. However, they came back and she was able to film them again.

After all the rats finished their fight and one went away in the other direction, meanwhile, the other was running towards Cheez. She got scared but the rat eventually run away when the cat tried to catch it.

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