«60 years in a cave»: this couple has been living in a cave and doesn’t think about leaving

One day this couple decided to build a family nest in a cave.🧐🧐

Sometimes people have very creative and unique ideas that surprise all people. A Chinese couple got married 60 years ago. They didn’t have enough money to buy a house.

They couldn’t fulfill their dream of living in a house or apartment and they couldn’t rent a house. It was very difficult for them. So, this unique couple decided to live in a cave.

There is a bedroom, a kitchen, and a living room. They are used to farming, they have chickens and pigs. They eat fruits and vegetables so they eat healthy food.

Clothes and other things they exchanged in the neighboring village for meat or eggs. Then they had children and the woman even gave birth in this cave. When her sons and daughters grew up they did not want to live with their family in this «stone house» and they moved to live in the city. But the parents did not want to leave their cave and continued to live there.

Somehow the government found out about this unique family. They were offered an apartment in the city where their children live but this old couple refused. They are used to living in a cave and do not want to move somewhere else.

They love this silence, privacy, and nature and do not want to destroy the marital idyll.

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