Dolls have become her own babies and she takes care of them like real children

She devotes as much time and money to her daughters as her real mothers.🧐🤗

This woman surprises everyone with her decision. When we look at the photos of this woman, at first glance she is an ordinary young mother. Here is a mother holding her eldest daughter in her arms and in another photo she is with her newborn daughter and here is the touching image of the sisters. But there is just a very big difference between these girls and other babies.

When we look at the pictures of these babies they are so realistic that it is sometimes difficult to even distinguish them from real children. This woman devotes much time and money to her girls like any other mother. These dolls even have their own houses the size of a small child they have furniture, and toys there. They have a lot of outfits and accessories.

The woman takes care of these dolls as real children. These dolls were first intended as toys for children but over time it is obvious that adult women even buy such dolls and not everyone always suffers from some kind of disorder.

Some people say that they want to order reborn similar to their own children to keep their early years as a keep. For many, these dolls are a real comfort when a person is alone, so we should not judge this woman.

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