«With no bra in a totally see-through dress!»: Dua Lipa drew everyone’s attention with her daring look

Lipa wore a transparent dress with no bra and left no room for imagination😳🧐

Show business celebrities often draw everyone’s attention and excel their fans’ expectations when they appear on the red carpet or at social events. They give their preference to outrageous and, sometimes, revealing attire to impress people.

Stars often appear even in see-through and transparent clothes so as to surpass the others and make their looks one of the most talked-about ones. This time, it was this outstanding singer who captivated everyone with her daring outfit.

She deeply impressed everyone at the premiere of «Barbie» in Los Angeles. Even her underwear was seen and she wore no bra. Her high-heeled footwear and luxurious silver accessories perfectly complemented her image.

Many rushed to heavily criticize her bold image claiming that as the film was 12 + she had no right to come in such a provocative dress.

What is more, M. Robbie and C. Schiffer made a deep impression on the public. Their outfits literally made a splash and are still actively discussed by the network users.

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