«This is what a heartbroken woman can do!»: Griffith removed her tattoo devoted to her ex-husband

Banderas’s ex-wife replaced her old love tattoo with her kids’ names🧐🤔

The legendary actor’s ex-wife tries to «get rid of» her ex-husband by undergoing a laser removal and eliminating her tattoo. The iconic star of «Working Girl» wore a T-shirt and her new tattoo in a style of a crossword was clearly visible.

She chose stylish sunglasses, an elegant bag, and luxurious earrings as a perfect complement to her image. Her light makeup suited her best revealing her natural look.

She replaced her former heart-shaped image with her children’s names after her breakup with the actor in 2014. During the shows and events, she used to cover it up with makeup and now decided to eventually remove it.

It is worth mentioning that their relationship started in 1995 during «Two Much» and soon they welcomed their heiress. However surprising it may seem, they filed for divorce after 18 years of marriage.

For those who don’t know, the outstanding actress was married to D. Johnson before A. Banderas with whom she had an heiress named Jesse. Interestingly enough, they married and divorced twice.

In spite of all this, the man still speaks about his ex-wife with warm and fond memories.

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