«Adorable baby boy»: Paris Hilton reveals her newborn’s face for the first time in intimate photos

This is what Hilton’s newborn child looks like.🧐🤗

He looks absolutely adorable, what are your thoughts?

After having her first child via surrogate, the model shared the first photos of her baby boy revealing his face to the public.

The child’s name is Phoenix Barron, Hilton Reum.

In an interview with Glamour UK, she revealed that she is obsessed with her child.

In the photos, Paris is seen being kissed by her husband meanwhile the newborn is napping on her shoulder. In another shot, she is kissing the baby boy.

The news of her expecting a baby was surprising news for her followers.

She revealed in the interview that she had become so private that she wanted to keep this private too. And added that it was challenging to keep it a secret.

The actress received help from Kim Kardashian, who also had children via surrogate.

She revealed that Kim told her everything about the surrogate.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazar, she revealed that she wants to protect him and be with him at all times.

The actress revealed that she never had mother instincts but now she does and she is enjoying motherhood.

She revealed that she wants to be normal and enjoy her life with her family.


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