«Kittens Became the Family This Dog Always Needed» A lovely pit bull decided to take care of cute kittens and he does it every day

The dog was in dire need of really taking care of someone.🥹🥹

This is a huge dog that lives in California. The family adopted a dog named Ozi from a shelter. All this time the animal was sad. Every day he was lonely in this family because there is not a single person to play with him.

This dog has a sense of responsibility and compassion. He wants to protect or take care of someone.

The problem is that he ended up in an ordinary family. In this family, there are 3 children. One of them is 5 years old but he does not play with the dog, which is why the dog is sad every day.

There is a cat in the house, but the cat only likes to sleep all day and the dog cannot play with him. Ozi really wants to go outside to meet the children who live in the area. But of course, all the parents don’t trust this pit bull.

According to the owner, the dog suffered from a lack of attention and love. If robbers broke into the house, he would bring them slippers because he wants to make friends with every person.

The dog needed someone to take care of and finally, the dog’s dream came true. One summer a stray cat appeared in the street. A month later she gave birth to five kittens and the dog was the happiest creature at that moment.

The cat left her kittens because she was homeless. One of the kittens the dog really liked and he showed that he wants this kitten to stay with him. Next year it seems that the kittens will become more in this family because the dog takes care of this one with great love.

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