«Once beautiful figure has changed»: this is what one of the most beautiful blondes of the 90s looks like now

Her current appearance caused a storm of emotions and opinions.😱🤔

In the nineties, one of the most beautiful blondes was Alicia Silverstone. She was at the center of attention and won millions of hearts with her beautiful unique appearance.

This beauty was known thanks to rare pictures taken by the paparazzi. Her current appearance surprised all her fans on the Internet.

«It is very difficult for me to believe that this is Alicia», says one of and fans. «How can a person change so much», «Probably time really changes everything».

Last year she turned out to be the same beauty and even she received an invitation for several roles. But today she surprises all her fans with her figure.

Among all the comments people remembered young Alicia in the nineties.

«She was just beautiful and every man immediately fell in love with her», said one of the fans. However, everyone was talking about her, but some even said that they never thought she was so special, she was an ordinary girl like everyone else.

Since Alicia continues to keep a low profile she has always changed. These rare photos of course surprised the entire Internet and people already had different opinions about whether she is beautiful or not.

This reminds us that time never passes by a person and beauty is not eternal.

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