Angelina’s Daughter Shiloh Breaks Stereotypes with Tomboy Style and Head-Shaving

Angelina’s daughter decided not to bother with the choice of outfit.🧐🧐

Angelina Jolie was at the Calabash Festival with her beautiful daughter Shiloh. The actress celebrated her birthday, she turned 48, and the next day flew to the city of St. Elizabeth.

Angelina, as always, looked beautiful, feminine, and elegant, but her daughter seems to have chosen the wrong outfit for a public appearance.

Shiloh put on a shapeless T-shirt and short denim shorts. The paparazzi noticed them, they photographed them. In the photo, we see that she shaved her head before the trip.

People said that Angelina’s daughter got used to the image of a tomboy to spite her mother.

Of course, apart from the clothes, we cannot say that she is ugly. She has very beautiful facial features that she inherited from her parents. She has a beautiful figure, which she also inherited from her mother.

She recently had a serious romance. At first, she did not say anything about the relationship, but then she introduced her boyfriend to her mother. She let her date him.

There are rumors that Shiloh dreams of independence.

She wants to dance and earn money. Shiloh dreams of living separately from her family.

There are rumors that she is tired of the company of Angelina who only thinks about how to annoy her ex-husband Brad Pete.

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