«Vivid example of humanity»: this elderly pediatrician helps poor families for free

All his life he helped save the lives of all children.🥺🥺

When a person decides to become a doctor, it is the most important decision that he can make. Special are those people who are aware of this profession and want to delve into all its subtleties.

This man named Ivan is a children’s pediatrician. He lives in Brazil and has always worked with children.

Now he is 92 years old but he continues to work all his life. He helped and saved the lives of children. The man is a very experienced and educated doctor. He managed to save a lot of sick patients. In addition to medical treatment, he even communicated positively with patients.

He officially retired in 2005 but he still continues to work. Now 92-year-old man does not think to watch TV at home. He goes to the clinic for the treatment of children every day.

Ivan repeatedly told about how after graduating from the university he immediately entered practice at the hospital.

Among all the doctors, he singled out one surgeon. He not only treated patients but also inspired them. Such care he really liked and he also became a kind and caring doctor.

Since then his main business has been to give his love and care to the patients. His wife works with him as a nurse. Old age and even retirement do not frighten Ivan at all and do not interfere with his work.

According to him, he managed to earn enough money in his youth, but now he does not work for this.

He treats many and does not take a penny for his services. Often patients from dysfunctional families who need medical help come to him and he gladly helps everyone. He considers that it is his duty to put every child on his feet.

The legendary and famous doctor has become proud of Brazil. People come to him from all over the country to increase their children.

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