«Star surprised with her creative ideas»: Paris Hilton has already moved to live in a new house with her husband

What is so good about her new home Hilton boasted publicly.🧐

Of course, everyone knows well the famous star 42-year-old Paris Hilton. She and her husband are celebrating a housewarming. They moved to live in their dream house.

They recently became parents and moved into the mansion of their dreams. This mansion is twice the size of the previous one.

Why it is good Hilton boasted on the podcast «I am Paris».

After the birth of her son, the star decided to address housing issues. This was also confirmed by her husband during the release of the podcast.

He told how his wife dreamed of having a huge house in which they would live as a big family and now the couple already has a dream house.

Paris Hilton even revealed that in their new mansion, they have a room that only belongs to unboxing gifts.

The house has a spa with devices for cosmetic procedures. They have a podcast studio, a photo room, and other different rooms.

The walls are decorated with photos of the star. However, Paris herself is very grateful to her husband for the opportunity to have a dream house.

We remind you that Hilton and her husband officially formalized their relationship in 2021.

Paris always said that she really wants to get married and have children. But everything went wrong as she wanted. After several cycles of Eco Hilton could not get pregnant and she had to hire a surrogate mother. Thus, they had a son but immediately after the birth of the son Hilton said that she plans to have a couple more children.

Now her fans are thinking about whether she can give birth to children herself or not.

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