«Like a woman from winter»: 53-year-old beauty Jennifer surprised fans with her outfit in a paparazzi photo

The paparazzi filmed the artist during her joint walk with her husband.🧐

Of course, it’s no secret to anyone that those photos that we see on social networks are much more beautiful than when the paparazzi notice the stars on the street. Paparazzi post photos without editing.

Here is one proof of this, the fans were very surprised when they saw the famous actress, Jennifer Lopez. The paparazzi noticed her while walking with her husband Ben Affleck in an unusual outfit.

The famous couple went to a new mansion in the Pacific Palisades.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have chosen a luxurious mansion for themselves. But the husband wanted a huge house.

The mansion had 8 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, pools, and various luxuries.

Her husband went on a trip to see the mansion in a stylish outfit. He put on a beige sweater and brown jeans. He was wearing orange sneakers.

Jennifer dressed up in an interesting outfit. She put on a white cardigan, wide trousers, and sneakers and with this, she surprised all her fans.

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