«His food is already insects»: Nicolas Cage goes into debt and eats insects so as not to die of hunger

People can start switching to insects that are not inferior in nutrition to meat.🧐🧐

The famous actor Nicolas Cage began to play in low-budget films. He starred in such films and knew well that these did not bring fate to him. The actor was not so successful and was in huge debt.

«I invested my money in real estate. I later managed to return everything but the amount was huge. I never filed for bankruptcy», the actor said.

For this, of course, he is grateful for his work. However, he had to agree to play in losing projects. He is sure that every job is a job.

«Even if the movie would be bad I won’t take a break and won’t end my career», said the actor for his bad roles.

After his bad roles, he claims that a person can live in almost all circumstances because he claims that people can even eat insects.

«If you are not afraid of insects, then you can solve the problem of hunger. In insects, there is a lot of protein and no fat, so insects are very useful», says Cage.

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