«Interesting news for fans»: Janet Jackson spoke about how she had a child from her first marriage at 18

She explained where the rumors about her pregnancy came from.😊

People were always interested in the personal life of Janet Jackson. She is from a famous family and did not want to comment on the rumors about what was happening behind the scenes of her concerts.

The singer married musician James DeBarge but a year later they divorced. After that, there were rumors that they had a child that Janet wanted to hide for 18 years years.

However, Janet finally decided to put an end to these rumors, she explained why people talk about her pregnancy and childbirth.

«At that time I was overweight and however everyone thought that I was pregnant», says the star.

She said that it was all a lie that she gave birth to a child and gave the baby to her sister or brother. These rumors have been circulating for a long time.

«It’s like I don’t let the child see the father, but it’s all a lie, it’s not about me».

She claims that she heard various comments about herself that do not correspond to reality.

There were rumors that her niece is her daughter. But this is all wrong Janet has only one child who was born in 2017 to a businessman.

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