Blind Kitten Finds Solace in Music: Pianist’s Heartwarming Bond with His Feline Family

Homeless kittens have now found their warm home.🥺😊

This guy loves music and cats very much. He is an experienced pianist and he has a lot of kittens in his apartment. There live nine rescued cats.

They were homeless wounded and hungry, now they are grateful only to this guy.

The man works during the day and rehearses at night. The pets have also adapted to such a rhythm of life.

They sleep or play during the day and then at night they come to the guy and sit around him.

Some kittens like to jump on their knees or even on a synthesizer, and some just enjoy the music.

«My pets are kings and queens for me. I am grateful to them for the fact that they live peacefully with each other», said the man.

One kitten is blind and cannot see everything around. The owner puts her on the window and together they listen to the birds singing, this calms the blind kitten.

Watch the owner and his kittens in this video.

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