«Twins were immediately listed in the Guinness Book of Records»: they surprise the whole world

The miraculous journey of resilience, unprecedented birth of twins.🧐😍

This is a very touching story about cute twins. The family was very happy with their daughter and son but they wanted to have a big family and decided to have more children.

They were just surprised when they found out that they would have twins. They were happy and prepared everything for their cute babies.

But when she was 23 weeks pregnant she didn’t feel so good and went to the doctor. The doctors said that they should terminate the pregnancy, but my mother went to another city to other doctors and in 2012 the first baby was born.

The baby was born ahead of time and everyone was not sure that she would survive.

The mother decided not to terminate the pregnancy and gave birth to the second 87 days later. While the first baby fought for life, her sister was in the womb.

Mom was next to her first baby in the hospital and finally, at 36 weeks, she gave birth to a second baby weighing 2.5 kg.

The sisters finally reunited. The doctors were just shocked and these twins were immediately entered into the Guinness Book of Records as the longest interval between the birth of twins.

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