«Her new look surprised fans»: Jennifer Lopez has a new tattoo and a new hair color that surprised the fans

To everyone’s surprise, the tattoo resembled her husband’s tattoo.🧐🤔

Recently, fans of beauty Jennifer Lopez were surprised to see the 53-year-old star with a new tattoo, which showed that it was similar to the tattoo of her husband. But they noticed that there were still changes in her hair color.

Then it turned out that these changes were only temporary. Paparazzi noticed Jennifer Lopez with a large tattoo and dark hair, fortunately, the tattoo was fake and the change in hair color was also done by temporary means.

Judging by what Jennifer said about big tattoos, it is clear that she would not want to have such a tattoo for life. Fans are waiting for more information to find out what role the beauty will play in the future.

It was clear that this transformation was made for the film and although Jennifer surprised all the fans a lot. It is just for her role in the film «Unstoppable».

Fans were sure that Jennifer Lopez remains true to her preferences. She still hides her character in the film and this increases the excitement and curiosity.

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