«Incredible act of an elderly man»: this volunteer feeds babies who were left without parents, giving them care

In retirement, he did something that will affect the lives of many children.🥺

Meet David Deutchman who worked as a marketing director. After retirement, he decided to go on a journey that will touch the lives of many children. Thanks to his kind and caring work he is known as the «grandfather of intensive care».

The man decided to work as a volunteer in the hospital and take care of the children. At first, he realized that his role went beyond physical assistance. He began to simply comfort, and hug parents and children who were in a difficult situation.

When he arrived at the hospital he saw that there were children who were left alone without parents and he decided to devote his time to loving and caring for these babies.

For 16 years he worked as a volunteer in the hospital. His love and care can be seen in the photos. You can see how he hugs the baby.

During the interview, the man expressed his surprise that how parents can leave the kids in the hospital and just leave. His work affects all people who should understand very well what love and care are.

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