«Only determination helped her»: this sweet girl with Down syndrome became the world champion

This little but strong girl was born with Down syndrome.🥰🥺

This story will not leave indifferent any person. A unique girl was born with Down syndrome but she was able to become a world champion. When a person wants to achieve something, he will do it.

She proves to the whole world that everyone can achieve their goal. Her name is Chelsea Werner and she has Down syndrome.

No one would believe that she would become a successful athlete but she did it.

At first in her childhood, she did gymnastics but when she was 5 years old she already had special abilities.

Her inimitable motivation and positivity helped her overcome all sorts of difficulties and achieve her goal. She became a four-time US champion and surprised the whole world.

Of course, she has a lot of problems in her career, but she did her best.

We hope that she will have success in the future.

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