A Remarkable Bond: The Inspiring Story of the Stray Dog and Dion Leonard’s Unforgettable Journey

He found a family in the Gobi Desert.😊😍

There is absolutely no need to wait for a specific moment or find ideal conditions to pick up a dog on the street. it just happens on its own. And living proof of this is a small stray dog ​​named Gobi from China.

In 2016, a dog finally found an owner running a 155-mile marathon in China’s Gobi Desert.

The dog was competing against experienced Scottish runner Dion Leonard in the race.

“On the second day of the race, he stood next to me, constantly looking at me as I stood at the start of the next part of the race,” Dion remembered.

“I thought that this little dog would not follow me for long, but in the end, he managed to pass a distance of 23 miles,” says the author.

The dog was unable to complete the entire race due to bad weather, but race organizers drove him so he could always be with Leonard.

The athlete decided to bring the dog to Scotland after this memorable race, regardless of the administrative and financial difficulties.

Leonard announced. “The Gobi has chosen me as a life partner, so I will try my best, with the help of people from all over the world, to make it happen.”


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