«No one will forget his kindness»: this dentist travels all over the world and treats people’s teeth for free

His motive in life is his happy patients.🤗👏👏

This kind of dentist named Felipe Rossi was born in Brazil. He founded a foundation and the aim was that they should help all residents who have health problems in the field of dentistry.

The interesting in that they do not have an address. Doctors travel all over the world and treat people.

One patient decided to show the result. She lost her teeth after losing a loved one. The reason for this was stress. So she felt embarrassed among people.

The kind, caring dentist was able to give her a smile and confidence, and so 1,000 patients were treated by the doctor.

The peculiarity is that he helps people who have no way to pay for treatment.

The most important and good thing is that more than 1,000 volunteers have joined his team and they treat those in need for free.

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