Snow Delight: Elephant’s Playful Encounter with Snow at Oregon Zoo

It turns out that elephants can get overly worried about the snow.🐘❤️❄️

Everyone is used to seeing these huge animals on safari and we have seen these elephants playing in the mud. But when an elephant plays in the snow it is a bit amazing.

Once there was bad weather and all the events were canceled at the Oregon Zoo.

It was sad for the people but it seems to be great for the animals, they enjoyed the snow.

They were delighted like the children when they didn’t go to school and were able to play with snowballs in the yard all day.

It turns out that not only the children but also the elephants want to play with snowballs.

When this elephant walked in the snow he was immediately delighted. The video was filmed by the camera and gained a lot of views.

Seeing the joy of this elephant, everyone will love winter.

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