«Soon the man built a real house on the island»: this man decided to live there for several years

4 years ago he came up with the brilliant idea to entertain his followers.🧐😳👍

To find out this story maybe there is a man who wants to live like he lives.

This man’s name is Chad. He is a young blogger who loves to travel.

He fell in love with wildlife so much that 4 years ago he decided to surprise his subscribers by risking his life. He decided that he would live on an inhabited island without any weapons.

Living in the wild for a while he decided to build himself a house. He started making blocks day by day and made videos of how they worked.

In addition, he had a diary in which he wrote how his days pass. Then a few days later his house was already ready, he did everything with his own hands.

He ate fruits, vegetables, and eggs there. Then he decided to go fishing, he made bow and arrows.

So he lived on the island for 4 years. It’s great, right?

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