«She is completely different without makeup»: once the paparazzi noticed Cher without makeup while relaxing

Cher was without makeup since she was submerged in the water.😳🧐

We’re all used to seeing all the famous stars with makeup.

Recently the famous Cher was spotted on holiday without makeup.

All the fans have always seen her not in this form. She was without makeup because she was in the water and of course, it is clear that she could not put on some beautiful dresses and jewelry but still it was surprising for the public.

She was wearing a bright orange T-shirt. Fans noticed that she was very old. They say that in real life the singer does not look at all like in these photos.

And there are those among the fans who think that she is incredibly beautiful as always. They say that despite her age she looks charming and her favorite star is a very ideal person even without any makeup and without luxurious dresses.

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