The most beautiful horse loves to touch the belly of a pregnant woman to feel the baby inside

Of course, not every horse will show such great interest in a pregnant woman.🥰🤗

It is no secret that when animals find out that their owner is pregnant, they show great interest. Such animals are dogs and cats. But when it’s a horse, it becomes more interesting.

A woman who lived in Colorado discovered that she would soon become a mother.  One day she saw that this news was also very good for the horse.

When Megan was near the horse, she began to touch her nose to the belly of a pregnant woman, and this was a great happiness for the horse.

The woman says that at that moment she feels great love from the cutest horse.

One wonderful day the woman decided to shoot a video and post it on social networks, where the horse touches her belly. And this video became famous.

It’s no secret that a cute horse will be a great sister for a baby.

As we said above, this is not the first time that the kindest animals rejoice at the pregnancy of their owner.  Everyone and even predators understand what it means to have children.

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