Rescue Mission: How Stray Dog’s Puppies Were Saved from a Flooded Home

After a downpour, the place where the stray dog’s puppies were born flooded.🥺🥺

But in life, it happens that animals ask people for help and every person should understand that they are weak creatures and people should help them.

This story happened in Omsk where there was a terrible downpour.

The place where these cute puppies were born was flooded and the mother-dog could not do anything to save her babies, then she ran to people to ask for help.

A woman was passing by the sewer pipe, but she was very afraid to do something.

But there was another woman who always helped homeless animals.  She immediately ran to help, then called another guy who was passing by, and that guy immediately jumped into the water to save the puppy.

Seven puppies were born, but the guy was able to save the lives of four. These four, too, could have died if there were not indifferent people.

These dogs were temporarily taken home by a woman’s friend.

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