«Agent L is now 65! »: This is how actress Fiorentino has changed after the release of the series «Men in Black»

Here is everyone’s favorite Agent L from «Men in Black» in the 1990s and now

First and foremost, it should be mentioned that charming and talented actress L. Fiorentino gained fame and recognition after taking the leading role in «Men in Black». As a result, she held the title of one of the hottest stars of the 1990s.

She started her drizzling career in 1985 and soon achieved incredible success starring in «Beyond the Law», «Dogma» and many other projects. However, according to her friends and family, she has a hard character and is not easy-going at all.

That is why she began to be less often invited to star in films. In the 2000s, she tried her hand as a director, yet didn’t achieve success.

Her last role was in the movie «Once More with Feeling» released in 2009 after which she stopped attending any events and film festivals.

Currently, she is already 65, and almost nothing is known about her personal life. She was married to director Bayram in the 90s, yet, unfortunately, their marriage didn’t last long.

Have you watched the popular series? Did you like the actress?

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