Meet Cody Garrett, the South Carolina policeman who saves and trains a kitten to fight crime!

He has grown up and helps him fight crime.

Cody Garrett is a 28-year-old policeman from South Carolina, who saved a tiny kitten named Skirt.

And if you still do not know anything about this guy, then it is time to do it, because his story has already become viral not only in his homeland but also far beyond its borders!

Now the red-haired baby does not just live with a police officer-she has grown up and helps him to fight crime. And it all started very poetically!

Garrett worked on a night shift when he stumbled upon a small kitten. He understood that he certainly could not leave the poor fellow here alone, so the policeman took him to his site.

Colleagues, like Garrett himself, did not know how best to do in such a situation.

The skirt is not the only pet that Garrett saved. He found a trunk with a kitten during his shift, and since then the beauty has been living with a police officer.

Apparently, the salvation of animals Cody is something like a hobby. Once during patrolling, he saved a group of beautiful puppies!

The skirt, meanwhile, got a very good job in the house, which he already definitely considered his own. The police assistant is now always ready for service and protection (but not during the game!

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