«Their divorce surprised everyone»: Taylor Swift and Joe Elvin broke up after 6 years of marriage

They could keep their relationship mainly outside the field of vision of the public.

The music industry was shocked on Saturday evening when news appeared that Taylor Swift and Joe Elvin broke up after more than six years of relationship.

Sources close to a couple said that the gap was peaceful and “not dramatic”, and their relationship simply went on as usual.

This was a surprise to many, since Swift and Alvin seemed to become strong, even inspiring most of the music of Swift in recent years.

The opening track on her album Midnights, Lavender Haze, also pays tribute to their novel and how they tried to keep it secret.

Swift and Alvin began to meet at the end of 2016, but only in May 2017 did the public learn about their relationship.

Even then, the couple did everything possible so that everything was restrained and not in the spotlight.

He stated that he prefers to keep everything secret and focus on his work.

Swift repeated these feelings in an interview with The Guardian in 2019, saying that she wants her personal life to remain controlled and not attracted to public attention.

Swift was busy promoting his last Midnights album, which received recognition from critics.

Fans, no doubt, will continue to follow their career and personal life with great interest, but now the main attention is paid to the end of the era and the future that is waiting ahead.

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