An old 80-year-old beautiful turtle for the first time in life became the mother and all the babies were healthy

This is when we understand that age can be just a number.

Some turtles live from 10 to 80 years. When they are old, they enjoy the remaining life, not responsible for new babies.

Nevertheless, for a turtle named Nigrita, it was an age when she first gave birth to babies. This is when you understand that age can be just a number.

The birth of an endangered species is the happiness of not only the mother-shastra but also all lovers of wildlife since the turtle is a real hero that gives rise to babies at a late age.

Nigrita-a tortoise, which lives in the Zoo Zürich in Switzerland. The view can live up to 150 years. They are considered long-lived turtles.

In nature, about 10 Galapagos turtles remained. So, in the framework of the breeding program, Nigrat was able to give birth to healthy babies. It turns out that only after 40 years do these species give birth.

Therefore, it is quite natural that this turtle is used in the dilution program at a late age. Despite the fact that Nigrita is already old, she takes care of her babies and treats them with love and responsibility!

Father of small turtles-54-year-old Jumbo.

We are glad to find out that these turtles continue their existence thanks to caring people!

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